Van Nuys Middle School

General School Supply List

General School Supplies Needed By All Magnet Students:


1 - 1 ½” to 2”, 3-ring binder and dividers

2 - 8 1/2 X 11 college-ruled paper

3 - Pencils

4 - Blue, black, and red pen


Your child's teacher has posted a syllabus on the website under his/her name. The syllabus will include specific supplies that you child will need for class. The syllabus can be downloaded to your home computer.


6th-Grade Preferred List of Supplies


2 - Two and a half to three-inch three-ring binder with a clear plastic cover

        (One binder stays in homeroom for creating a portfolio)

1 - Zipper pouch for three-ring binder

2 - Packages of colored subject dividers for the binder (6 dividers/package)

2 - Black and blue pens

2 - Pencils with erasers (a box would be better)

1 - Hand-held pencil sharpener

1 - Red pen for grading

1 - Package of lined college-ruled paper

1 - Pack of highlighters (water based)

4 - Textbook covers (any color)





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