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Cool Websites

Steps to Success: How to Get Good Grades
(Adapted from How to Get Good Grades, Woodburn Press, 1999)
  • Believe in yourself - "To succeed, we must first believe that we can." (Michael Korda)
  • Take good notes, listen actively
  • Read your textbook (scan, read, review)
  • Find a good place to study at home (without distractions)
  • Study for tests (this helps to reduce anxiety)
  • Be in school every day!
  • Be organized (use your binder-reminder, organize your notebook)
  • Manage your time well (exercise self-discipline, do what you have to do!)
  • Be successful in the classroom (arrive on time to school and class, adapt to your different teachers, be prepared)
  • Our Own VNMS Library Reference Web Page!
  • Multimedia (TV and Radio) Sites
  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
  • Almanacs and Maps
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Maps
Games and Puzzles Helpful Sites in:

English Science
  • NASA for Kids
  • NASA Spacelink
  • Optical Illusions
  • Club Yucky
  • Chemical Elements Chart
  • Building Rockets
  • Super Scientists (biogaphies)
  • PBS Science
  • Math Games
Social Studies
  • The American Travel Brochure WebQuest
  • The History Channel
  • National Geographic
  • The Learning Channel
  • World Flags
  • The White House
  • Oregon Trail
  • Ancestry
  • The Underground Railroad
Physical Education

Electives Web Logs (Blogs) Groups, Clubs, Organizations
Mustang Pride!